S1E6 - Pokemon Gen 1

It turns out this game is about a whole lot more than just catching them all - who knew?

3 years ago

We take a deep dive into the world of Pokemon and find out there's more than we realized playing back in the 90's! In this episode, we look at what themes the game has and how its mechanics double down on its message. Plus we share some of our favorite crazy fan theories and wild Pokedex entries!

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Time Stamps: 0:09:30 - We outline the episode and Chris begins taking us through a deep analysis of the story of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Green. 1:20:00 - We begin to discuss the themes present in the game and how well they're delivered upon. 1:30:00 - We take a look at the world building done in Pokemon - is it set in the real world? How much breaking the fourth wall is really done? 1:45:00 - We switch it up and briefly discuss Pokemon in other media including the tv show, manga, movies, and more! 1:56:00 - We review some of the craziest fan theories out there. 2:05:00 - We go over the most bizarre true facts from the game including some of our favorite Pokedex entries.