S1E10 - Lightning Round: Celeste, Mario, and Donkey Kong Country!

Are platformers about more than just being really good at moving right and jumping over things?

4 years ago

In our season one finale, we tackle three games in one episode: Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong Country, and Celeste. Each one has similar core mechanics but tells a completely different story! We discuss what those toads were doing in all those castles, whether King K Rool is a communist or just a regular pirate king, and how a new hair color can help you climb a therapeutic mountain. Join us as we look at three very different interpretations of what it means to be a platformer!

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CORRECTION: Chris mentions a story about Rockstar showing a port of Super Mario Bros 3 to Nintendo in this episode. Chris was mistaken; it was actually ID Software that did this!


Super Mario Bros.: 7:30 Donkey Kong Country: 38:06 Celeste: 1:05:30