S2E9 - Metal Gear Solid

Can love bloom on the battlefield? Is the Colt Single Action Army really the greatest handgun ever made?

3 years ago

Episode Notes

This week's episode is a doozy. We tackle the hotly requested Metal Gear Solid! We summarize the major story beats and discuss its meta elements, our treatment of soldiers, and whether your genes really determine your future. This is a long one and a bit on the goofy side so sit back, suppress your stomach acids, turn on your stealth camouflage, put away your Murakami novel and get in your box while we walk you through one of the weirdest game stories we've tackled yet!

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Time Stamps

  • 0:00 Our relationship with the game and Kojima
  • 19:45  What you need to know from Metal Gear 1 and 2 
  • 38:12  MGS1's mission briefing
  • 44:15  Introducing the support staff
  • 53:25  Infiltrating Shadow Moses and finding the hostages
  • 01:17:20 Nuclear weapons storage Building
  • 01:52:50 The finale
  • 2:11:00 How the game discusses genetics, autonomy and heritage
  • 2:27:50 Further reading