S1E2 - Persona 5

Dungeon-crawling and life sim elements! Some stories can only be told with both.

This week we take a close look at dungeon-crawling life sim RPG Persona 5! Social links! Day by day time progression! Dungeon crawling the human psyche! We talk about how all of these elements play into the game's multi-faceted narrative.

The summary for this one got a bit long, so feel free to skip ahead to 1:17:00 if you don't need the refresher!

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The intro for the show is Arcadia by Reaktor Productions.

Thanks for listening!

S1E1 - Gone Home

The narratives you find in your parents' sock drawers.

This episode we discuss the story of Indie darling exploration video game Gone Home! We tackle the use of virtual space as a storytelling device, finding rhythms and structure in non-linear emergent narratives, and the truth behind the JFK assassination!

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